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The field rules are designed for safety, and courtesy, in order to provide maximum enjoyment while at the flying field.  The rules apply to all, equally and without exceptions.  They are to be enforced, by each and every club member.  Strict compliance to these rules will help safeguard our field.

Drinking and Flying

Absolutely NO flying shall be allowed by any person known to be drinking, or to have been drinking intoxicating beverages, or who is using drugs or medication which impairs judgment or reflexes whether illegal, over-the-counter, or prescription.

To be caught drinking or using drugs while flying shall be grounds for loss of flying privileges and termination from the club.


Caution! FLY ALONE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Remember that a second person can help give or obtain medical assistance, and thus provide additional insurance for your continued enjoyment of the hobby.

Macedon Field - The nearest phone is the residence (2509 Macedon Center Rd.) next to the field entrance: call Wayne County Ambulance at 911  or  986-3919.

After an ambulance or other emergency vehicle has been called, station a person at the field entrance to guide them into the field.  If possible, have someone stay with the injured person.

Spectators and Visitors

Spectators are to remain behind the pit area.

Children and pets are to be kept off the field while it is use.

If a member brings a guest to the field, the member shall acquaint their guest with the field rules and be responsible for their guest’s adherence to the rules.

Visitors that fly at the field shall have a valid AMA license and fly with a member present.  If they want to fly again, they must join the club.

Destruction of Property

There shall be no destruction of the property or to the neighboring properties, especially in the retrieval of downed aircraft.  Specifically, no trees shall be felled nor crops damaged without the consent of the property owners.


No transmitter shall be turned on without first obtaining the correct frequency pin from the control center.  The pin must be returned to the control center upon completion of the flight.

A current club membership card is required to obtain a frequency pin from the control center at either field.  It is to be placed in the special holder on the frequency board, identifying who has “signed out” that frequency.

Transmitters on Channels 00-09 (50 Mhz Ham band) and 10-60 (72 Mhz RC Band) shall be AMA Gold Certified.

Receivers on Channels 00-60 shall be on the AMA approved narrowband equipment list (no “old wideband” receivers).

Transmitter and receivers on other legal aircraft control frequencies are exempted.

The antenna of any transmitter that is not in use shall be collapsed.

All transmitter antennas shall carry a visible flag or other means of identification to indicate the frequency in use.

Radio and range checks may be made in the pit area.  The frequency pin must be obtained first.

General Flying Regulations

Model flying MUST be in accordance with the “Official AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code”. in order for AMA liability protection to apply.

Absolutely NO smoking while in the pit area, or on the pilot stations.  Cigarette butts must be deposited in the trash cans.

Absolutely NO model combustion engines or lawn mowers are to be started or run before 8:00AM.

Absolutely NO flying while the field is being mowed or otherwise maintained.

Two stroke engines over 0.10c.i. displacement shall have a functional muffler.

Starting of engines shall be done at the pilot’s station, with the direction of the plane pointing away from the pit area.  Care should be taken to ensure that no person is in the arc of the propeller while an engine is running.

Engines run for break-in shall be done in the designated break-in area, to minimize sound irritation to other pilots and spectators.  If the radio is to be used during the break-in, the frequency pin must be obtained first.

Areas designated for the Pit Area and Pilot’s Stations are to be observed.

No intentional flying over the pits, pilot’s stations, spectators and parking areas.

When there are multiple flyers, a minimum separation of twenty feet between transmitters shall be maintained.

Pilots shall remain in their pilot’s station, with no moving between stations, and stay in communication with each other while flying.

Models are limited to 96 db on the A scale with the engine running at wide open throttle, measured at 3 meters using the procedure in the AMA Competition Regulations. Models exhibiting greater sound pressure than this, must be corrected prior to being flown in the air. This rule may be waived by the Board of Directors for Open Public events to allow visitors to fly.

A person needing to be on the runway, such as to retrieve a stopped aircraft or for hand-launching, shall clearly announce their intention to other pilots.  The other pilots shall do their best to avoid using the runway until that person has cleared the runway.

Helicopters shall share the field equally with all other types of aircraft, except that persons wishing to only hover their helicopter below 20 feet AGL and in an upright orientation may do so at Fordham Field at the south end of the north-south runway or east end of the east-west runway, whichever is not being used by other aircraft, and at Macedon field in the control line circle, but shall yield the circle to control line aircraft.

Model pilots shall give right-of-way and avoid flying in the proximity of full-scale aircraft.  Where necessary, an observer shall be utilized to supervise flying to avoid having models fly in the proximity of full-scale aircraft.

No more than four aircraft in the air at one time.

An exception is the allowance of a fifth airplane when it is being used to tow up an unpowered glider.  The tow plane shall land immediately after release of the glider.

All trash and garbage brought to the field, or generated at the field must be removed: carry-in/carry out.

There shall be no flying of combustion engine aircraft at Macedon Field after evening civil twilight except

  • During club sanction events, or

  • When the temperature is below 55 degrees, or

  • When coordinated through the Macedon Safety Director who may schedule up to two night flies per calendar month;

Flying such aircraft is also prohibited between the hours of 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM under all circumstances, and shall not begin before 9:00 AM on Sundays.


Lawn mowers and snow blowers may not be run before 9:00 AM on Sundays or before 8:00 AM on any other day, and may not be run after sundown.

NO intentional flying south of the flight line.

No more than four aircraft in the air at one time, no exceptions.

Glider Towing - Both glider and tow plane must be pre-flight checked and made tow-ready off the runway first, to avoid unnecessary tying up the lone runway during setup and breakdown.  Once the glider and tow plane are ready. the glider and tow plane pilots must take all reasonable steps to ensure that all pilots are aware of their intentions to tow a glider.  This is required for the safety of everyone involved.  Also, both glider and tow plane pilots should be sensitive as to how long they keep their frequency pins.

Control line flying at Macedon Field shall be done only in the designated control line area.

All trash and garbage brought to the field or generated at the field must be removed: carry-in/carryout. However, burnable items may be deposited in the burn barrel. Burnable items include paper and wood products, and small quantities of plastic and styrofoam.

Flying Accidents

If an airplane’s engine inadvertently stops in flight (i.e. “deadstick”), the pilot shall inform the other pilots.  The other pilots must keep their aircraft out of the landing pattern.

If an aircraft goes down off the field, all aware club members should site a reference point, in line with the plane’s last observed position, to help provide direction to the search party.

If an aircraft goes down into crops, the searchers shall exercise care to prevent damage to the crops.

Grounds Maintenance

Each member is responsible for maintaining the area.

Take pride in our field, keep it clean.

If you find foreign materials on the field like lose stones, plane parts, or broken props, please pick them up and dispose of them.

The last member to leave the field should check that the field is left in a clean condition, and the gate must be locked.

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