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Our Helicopter Jamboree is for all rotary flight. This three day event draws pilots from all over the country and Canada. Some of the pilots are world class, who compete in 3D aerobatics competitions all over the world. In addition the 3D aerobatics, you can see outstanding scale flight helicopters as well as multirotor heli's. On Saturday night, many of the pilots will put on a Night Flite routine to music in conjunction with our fireworks display. 

Chris Reibert is the Contest Director

Phone: 585-645-9909




2017 Jamboree

2015 Jamboree

Congratulations to Paul Volko,
WINNER of the Kyle Stacy Special Edition SAB 700!

Check out this great video Chris Reibert put together of the 2015 Helicoptor Jamboree!

Raffle proceeds will benefit the Arthritis Foundation for Juvenile Research,
 inspired by Hailey Reibert (so the 99 other entrants are also winners!)

Here are some images from past Jamborees!

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